How it all began

Our story

A love of technology and property is what first brought Suzannah and Melissa together.

It was mid 2019 when Melissa met a friend of Suzannah’s, Terri Handy, a well known figure in the property management industry. It was Terri’s persistence that the two should meet that eventually lead to multiple phone calls between the pair, before they caught up in person in August 2019 at the Calile Hotel in Brisbane.

Suzannah, having flown in from Adelaide, was there for a conference and Melissa made the trip up from the Gold Coast.

Suzannah Toop

Suzannah Toop

Melissa Hadley

Melissa Hadley

They chatted for hours over lunch and immediately bonded over their love for the real estate industry, technology and people. Both Melissa and Suzannah wanted to make a difference in the renting world and the broader community. They wanted to create a place where people could come home to at the end of the day and feel safe, and to have a positive social impact in the process.

Even in these early stages, it was clear that the pair were connected by their values and by their aspiration to create a better way for principals, landlords and tenants. It was in this early conversation that the two started creating what would become the foundations of the Lululiv business.

These same values remain at the centre of the business and is what drives the company today.

We focus on you

Lululiv was created because we believe everyone should have a safe place to call home.

By improving how Real Estate Principals manage their Rent Roll, we simultaneously enhance the experiences of Landlords and Tenants, ensuring that each member of our community has access to the best service possible.

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